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About the hotel

Hotel "Knowledge"Hotel "Znaniye" has 64 places, on first three floors of a 13-storeyed house in a cosy green corner of Pankovshchina – ancient area in the downtown of Kiev capital of Ukraine, at the corner of Nikolsko-Botanicheskaya, 31 and Lva Tolstogo streets. On another side of the street from hotel is the Botanical garden n.a. acad. Fomin with relic plantings of magnolias and the greatest in Europe cyclotron. Crossing the Botanical garden, we come on the picturesque parkway Shevchenko, opposite to the Vladimir cathedral.

On distance of 15-20 minute of foot walk from the hotel are: on the south - the Central railway station; on the West - the Victory square, with department store "Ukraine" and Circus; on the east - the National Opera, National University and the renewed park with T.G.Shevchenko monument.

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